Enulec Gmbh is an award-winning market leader providing high quality solutions in the field of electrostatics. Their product range includes the highly effective ESA systems and EST electrostatic discharging systems that are used by customers world-wide. Enulec’s offering can be found in a range of industries such as packaging, wood panel laminating, gravure printing, plastics, rubber and others.

Founded in 1981, Enulec has grown to occupy a leading market position in the field of electrostatics with a worldwide sales and service network ensuring top service for its customers.

Enulec’s product offering includes top grade ESA systems ranging from standard top loading, maintenance free top loading, core charging and side loading systems. These products continue to assist in the gravure printing industry to achieve high quality print standards along with high productivity and maximum standards of safety. In addition, Enulec’s EST electrostatic discharging systems assist customers in the printing and plastics processing industries to successfully eliminate static charges in machines such as winders, slitters and laminating machines, ensuring smooth and safe production processes.

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