Yamada Ink Pump

Yamada Ink Pump

Yamada Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is a global pioneer and leading provider of industrial equipment since 1905 and has over 60 years experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of fluid handling products.  Over the years Yamada has emerged as one of the industry’s leaders providing innovative and top quality products to satisfied customers around the world. 

Yamada, an ISO 9001 certified corporation, is one of the market’s leaders with a reputation for manufacturing top quality products built on innovative research and development. With offices in Japan and fully-owned subsidiaries in The Netherlands, Chicago USA and China, Yamada has positioned itself as a global player in pneumatic pumping technology. 

Yamada’s line of ink pump products are specifically engineered for printing ink applications and addresses issues which have historically plagued ink pumping systems such as leaking gland seals, difficult and messy drum changes, air motor icing, and noisy operation among others. Well-proven after vigorous field-testing, Yamada’s products provide highly accurate flow rates under continuous (24/7) operation.  Innovative pump architecture keeps the ink replenishment process simple, quick, and clean—eliminating unnecessary and costly press restarts due to ink-starved fountains.


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